Effective marketing doesn’t have to break the bank

Companies spend billions of dollars a year on marketing related activities, but there’s no rule that says a business can’t succeed without a huge marketing budget. Creative marketing strategists like those at DesignTime Media are experts at making the most out of small business budgets.

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Inspiration strikes in the wee hours

All my life, I’ve suffered from insomnia. I remember in junior high school and all the way through college and still today struggling to get to sleep at the “normal” bedtime when others are out cold. As much as I used to think of this as a curse, as I’ve matured, I see it as a blessing. You see, when it gets late, my creative juices really get flowing. I’ve come up with some of my most creative ideas after 3am.

How about you? Any other night-owls dealing with bouts of unrestrained creativity?